A perfect blend of security and compliance.

Our automated incident response workflows help to orchestrate security and ensure compliance by accelerating decision-making and real-time reporting.

Why are we here?

Thinking "We are too small to be a target" is already the first mistake.

And even if you think you are protected what would you do when your anti-virus & firewall fail and operations get stuck or data starts to leak?

  • Your incident response plan is just a paper?
  • Your decision-making seems more like panic-making?
  • No competent employees to respond?
  • Communications drown in chaos?
  • Compliance is successfully overlooked?
Rely on predefined workflows and pre-composed teams


Fire incident response with one click


Get a report straight from the workflow


What we can do?

  • Your predefined workflows for quick firing;
  • Your own pre-composed incident response teams;
  • Manageable communication and generated notifications;
  • Real-time reporting.

What will you get?

  • Saving on hiring Security Officers or Incident Response Teams;
  • Reduced total cost of the security incident;
  • Avoided compliance fines;
  • Maintained reputation and protected clients;
  • Your tailored staff training workflows;
  • Tested workflows for continuous improvement;


At Breachflow we are aimed at making a blend of cybersecurity and compliance affordable and flawless.

Polina Medviedeva

CEO & Business

Eugene Morozov

Product & Marketing